Friday, June 26, 2009

EducaciĆ³n 2020

I recently joined the web page educacion 2020 and it is awesome, there are stacks to see and get informed about Chilean education and much more, innovations, projects, etc. I'm always informed about the current and recent updates in the page via e-mail, you can join ad give direct opinions and ideas to the page too. You can participate directly in this project whose main purpose is to find and reach a better quality of our education.


I was not familiar with blogging, But anyway, it is an important mean of communication or speech.

I thought this web page could only be aplied for litetary posts, but it has many applications and works for everything you can and want to share.

Am I Happy?

Happiness is so circumstantial when you realize that is not a permanent, nor a progressive feeling. Maybe most of the human beings started to think like that when they are asked if they are happy or not, and surely they will answer and assure that they have not been happy forever, but they have had a number of happy moments during their life. That's what I used to think before, many years ago, when I could not appreciate the life I had, and I have and the little and big things that compound my life, now I know and recognized those things that make up my life.

I can say, and I'm convinced that I'm happy, because I reached all the things I needed to be happy. First of all I have parents that love me so much and do all the possible things for me, they take care of me and give to me all the support I need, and the fact that I know very well that they are very good persons, kind and fair make happy and proud of them. My only one sister plays an inmportant role as well, because she cheers my up and I love when she says that she loves me as I love her. Finally I have to say that I would not be so happy if I would not have an exceptional, whom I'm deeply in love with and our baby who is coming soon.


I have to say that this is almost a never-ending test, it is one of the longest test I have taken. According to the keirsey temperament test, I'm rational. The test sorts out four temperaments: the idealists, the guardians, the artisans and the rationals. After have read the description of the rationals I could agree with not all the characteristics, but most of them, Somehow, while I answering the test, I knew that something related with rationalism was going to come out because I know myself and I know that I'm a pragmatical and a skeptical person, those characterstics are important when I have to describe myself, and when others try to describe my personality.

Life by Bruno Bozzetto

The graphic, the style and the movements of these short movie are very interesting, even funny, but the background he wants to show I found it a little sordid, raw and sad. I dont' know what type of "specie" he is because He fell or came down the stairs from the heaven to create the world, or to know how the world is, I don`t know, but at the beginning everything was going well until he pushed the button which showed the "urban" or "modern life ", and a cruel reality appears, people killing people, people fighting between them without any reason, people who rob banks, people that don't respect each other in the streets , a complete disaster. well, After seen this, he decided to get rid of this world and throw it out, because I think he liked most the nature world, with their vegetation, exotic animals and the native tribes that seemed to live in a complete happiness and peace, but this world doesn't exist anymore, the only world that prevails today is the "modern" one, but he doesnt like it. So he came back to his "heaven" which seems to be better than all he saw.

The Movie:

What's going on with public schools.

I'm in my professional practice in a public school and I'm sure that the situation there is not the same in a parallel way as in a private one, and the important points that make the big differences are money and professional quality of the teachers. But I'm speaking in a general way, because not all the private schools are the best and not all the public schools are the worst, the same happens with the teachers, ditto, not all the teachers that work in a private school are better than those who work in a public school, sometines, you can find one of the best teacher you have known in a public school. Personally I can't find the big gap between both, when I was in 6th grade I have to leave the private school that i was in because of money issues, and I had to go to a public one, the differences I noticed were not in the school itself,not even in the teachers, but in my partners, they were very different from the partners I had before in terms of behaviour, they were unpolite,not well-mannered and they did not behave themselves. In other terms, in these public school I had as good teachers as the other one, and the school worked well in the same way as the other one.


Philadelphia, directed by Jonathan Demme, with Tom Hanks, Antonio Banderas and Denzel Washington. I remember, this is the first movie I watched when I was in my transition from childhood to preadolescence, because my father toId me that the time of child movies was gone, I was 13 maybe. There I discovered the terrible disease of the human immune system, AIDS, all the disasters and discrimination this disease lead to life as a whole and the sexual orientation as the homosexuality. In the movie I saw the suffering and the unfair situations that Andrew had to live and how hard he fought. I thought that was a sad movie that made cry. I want to highlight one song from the soundtrack, streets of Philadelphia by Bruce Springsteen who won an Oscar for it, is one of my favourite songs.