Friday, June 26, 2009

What's going on with public schools.

I'm in my professional practice in a public school and I'm sure that the situation there is not the same in a parallel way as in a private one, and the important points that make the big differences are money and professional quality of the teachers. But I'm speaking in a general way, because not all the private schools are the best and not all the public schools are the worst, the same happens with the teachers, ditto, not all the teachers that work in a private school are better than those who work in a public school, sometines, you can find one of the best teacher you have known in a public school. Personally I can't find the big gap between both, when I was in 6th grade I have to leave the private school that i was in because of money issues, and I had to go to a public one, the differences I noticed were not in the school itself,not even in the teachers, but in my partners, they were very different from the partners I had before in terms of behaviour, they were unpolite,not well-mannered and they did not behave themselves. In other terms, in these public school I had as good teachers as the other one, and the school worked well in the same way as the other one.