Friday, June 26, 2009

Am I Happy?

Happiness is so circumstantial when you realize that is not a permanent, nor a progressive feeling. Maybe most of the human beings started to think like that when they are asked if they are happy or not, and surely they will answer and assure that they have not been happy forever, but they have had a number of happy moments during their life. That's what I used to think before, many years ago, when I could not appreciate the life I had, and I have and the little and big things that compound my life, now I know and recognized those things that make up my life.

I can say, and I'm convinced that I'm happy, because I reached all the things I needed to be happy. First of all I have parents that love me so much and do all the possible things for me, they take care of me and give to me all the support I need, and the fact that I know very well that they are very good persons, kind and fair make happy and proud of them. My only one sister plays an inmportant role as well, because she cheers my up and I love when she says that she loves me as I love her. Finally I have to say that I would not be so happy if I would not have an exceptional, whom I'm deeply in love with and our baby who is coming soon.