Friday, June 26, 2009

Life by Bruno Bozzetto

The graphic, the style and the movements of these short movie are very interesting, even funny, but the background he wants to show I found it a little sordid, raw and sad. I dont' know what type of "specie" he is because He fell or came down the stairs from the heaven to create the world, or to know how the world is, I don`t know, but at the beginning everything was going well until he pushed the button which showed the "urban" or "modern life ", and a cruel reality appears, people killing people, people fighting between them without any reason, people who rob banks, people that don't respect each other in the streets , a complete disaster. well, After seen this, he decided to get rid of this world and throw it out, because I think he liked most the nature world, with their vegetation, exotic animals and the native tribes that seemed to live in a complete happiness and peace, but this world doesn't exist anymore, the only world that prevails today is the "modern" one, but he doesnt like it. So he came back to his "heaven" which seems to be better than all he saw.

The Movie: